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How to find the perfect rental

Are you house hunting for a new place to rent? 👓 Read these tips to help you find the perfect rental, GLITCH FREE…..🔑

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This is an educational and informational post for renters to help them in finding the perfect rental they can call home sweet home.

I get so many of you asking the how’s and what’s, so I thought I’d put my experience to your rescue. A few of these tips today are real pearls of wisdom. Some may be uncommon advice, but I promise they’ll be helpful.

Dear Tenants, let me tell you I am so with you on this frustrating process of hunting for a new place 🏡 (read as running around the friggin’ town or 2 or 3 with your realtor, packing, moving, u-hauls and the whole 9 yards of, maybe not so much fun. Especially if you have a gruelling job or kids or both. I hear ya. It’s a pain in the neck.

Mr and Ms Tenant: I’ve got a checklist for you. I will be assuming you need hand holding all the way and explain some VERY crucial factors of getting the place of your dreams. Now, just because I number the points don’t mean 1 is less than the other, ok?

1: ADDRESS🚪: Picture this, you are 🚗 driving your own carefree way, suddenly, you see this FOR RENT sign, in an area and neighbourhood you like. You dial the #’s on the board or call up your agent, all excited to see if you can see the home. “Hellowww- can you show me the blue house on Pearsall Ave, it’s next to the white house and I am parked right in front of it.” Ya right! Heavens! Honey, please! You need an address, an actual address, so the person who you called can identify the precise location. Step back, note down the house #, look around to see the street name and now let’s hit that dial pad. You got my point. High 5!

2: COURTEOUS: Please darling, be courteous to that voice on the other end of that 📱 phone. You ain’t going nowhere with your belligerent attitude. Don’t demand information. Keep calm, listen to what they are saying, answer the questions they ask. This is crucial: if that voice likes you -viola! They can help you with not only the property you called about but can help you find the best match (if they are an agent). Or point you at least in a better direction ↗️. Ain’t that super?

3: SHOWING ETIQUETTE: Granted this property is nothing like what you want, but please, do not belittle the property on the property, especially if the homeowners are present or are within earshot. Or, if the property has cameras. There are many nicer ways of expressing disinterest. Be open to your agent about your preferences. If this is the initial meeting, express outside the property why this wouldn’t work. This will also go on to help your agent gauge your needs better.

4: APPLICATION: Most of the Landlords and their Agents have a 📝set criteria based on how they are going to choose their next tenant. Please do not raise a hue and cry, if your agent informs you that the landlord requires a background check, or wants to see your latest pay stubs, or wants to verify that employment. They will be considering you to live in and take care of their investment, they could be living on the premises or this could have been their first home. They will want to make sure you are a right fit for them and their property. Trust me, being rude and demanding that the landlord/agent 1st commits to giving you the apt, then you will share the docs- won’t do ya much good. If you want the place, please follow protocol on 📑 documentation. If you think the landlord is being unreasonable, talk to your agent and ask for advice. The easier you are to deal with, the more landlords will like you. Sometimes applicants win bids just due to their pleasant attitude vs higher earning or better credit applicants, just because they were very easy to deal with.

5:HONESTY: is the best policy. You Bet! Got evicted 4 years ago? Please don’t act as if it never happened. Recently, more and more landlords are requiring background checks be done. When trying to find the perfect rental, lying about crucial information, then having stuff show up later, is not the right path to the landlord’s heart. I know you got what I mean.

6:MAKE AN IMPACT: ✔️ Just starting your renting career in the Jersey City, or somewhere in the New Jersey Gold Coast? Don’t have enough history? Don’t stress. To help you find that perfect rental, let’s start by ✒️ writing a nice letter 📩 telling the landlord how much you like the property, why you are in this situation, and what you are doing to make it better. If you can get a guarantor if your credit/income/history isn’t that strong, that will work wonders for your application. Ask your agent for other things that might help. 🏡

So, folks, this is it for this session. See you next month, we’ll be back with another informational post to help landlords find the perfect next tenant for your investment property.

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